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Be The Exception

Join for Workshops and learn an integrative approach

Liminal Horizons, PLLC Provides

  • Workshops, Trainings,

  • Group Consultation,

  • Individual and Group Supervision.

  • Workshops become available when a particular number of people express interest.

Workshops & Trainings

Somatic Parts Work
Mindfulness Trainings
Embodied Safety

 Whether you are looking at your own internal systems, your family system, perhaps your employer organization, or schools, even systems within the courts (States Attorneys/Public Defenders/Judges), We have something for you. Liminal Horizons, PLLC has many different areas of clinical work, from a licensed School Social Worker, LCSWs, Neurofeedback and Polyvagal Theory Experts, Plus organizational and executive trainings and Workshops. 

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