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Therapies Provided - Based on Clinician Availability

Acceptance Commitment Therapy is a science-based approach to therapy that focuses on mindfulness, unhooking from thoughts, accepting reality as it is, and taking committed action where you can. We believe in the power of self-compassion to help individuals create meaningful and lasting change in their lives.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy


CBT, and other, similar cognitive based approaches look at core beliefs that are responsible for our thoughts, and because we have multiple sides to us, we often have thought distortions that help us buy into our negative thoughts, while ignoring positive ones. Further, it explores how beliefs -> influence thoughts -> which cause emotional reactions -> informs our behavior -> beliefs confirmed....

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR is an approach that was accidentally discovered and has shown significant improvement in PTSD symptoms in various studies. EMDR is 8 phases, including History, Resourcing and Preparation, Reprocessing, Future Positive Change processed, Body scan, end of session, then back to Beginning of next session. Mostly this allows time for resourcing, or broadening our window of tolerance.



Through noticing our reactions, our patterns, and characteristics that that allow us to connect with and provide compassion to your system. 

Internal Family Systems


Learn how to live mindfully, by creating a practice of focusing in the present moment, without judgement, observing thoughts, or external aspects of something that allows us to be immersed in a present centered way of being. Many, if not most, therapies are based in Mindfulness. While the tendency is to bring in mindfulness, it is important to realize that not everyone benefits from mindfulness training, and some people,  in fact, may be susceptible to harm.

Mindfulness Information, Client Workshops, groups and Trainings


Somatic Therapies help us tune into our physical, physiological, often movement, that uses titration to gently approach what our soma is holding and noticing changes, and texture, color, texture, speed, temperature, etc. to explore and tune into, accept, our internal experiences.

Somatic Therapies


All of the therapies, workshops, trainings, and consultation all use compassion as a base. Self-compassion, kindness and compassion towards clients, professionals, and others with whom we work.

Compassion Focused Therapy


Work with experienced professionals to navigate your grief and loss. We know that there is not a linear path, but using and practicing tools and skills that help you recreate your life without something you love.

Managing Grief 


Often relationships are repeated, meaning the patterns we used to relate when we are new to the world, or before that.

Relational and Attachment Therapy





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