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At Liminal Horizons, we are dedicated to helping people find out what is getting in the way of inner peace and self-leadership. Our approach to psychotherapy is based on the concept that every person is composed of multiple “parts”, different aspects of ourselves, that learn to react in dangerous situations. Our OLD defenses can sometimes be in conflict with our self like parts who get stuff done.. We offer a safe space to explore these inner parts and their associated patterns, chronic stress, and trauma. Our team uses Integrative Trauma Therapy, EMDR, Compassion based therapies, EFT, and Internal Family Systems therapy to help our clients find a sense of balance and harmony within themselves. We invite you to explore the depths of your inner self and discover newfound peace and serenity.

Individual Services

When you come meet with a psychotherapist, your comfort and safety are prioritized, addressed as needed. You will also gain tools that you can begin to use immediately to help with anxiety, stress, and others as you identify what you find useful, and what isn't helpful.

Together, we create a plan with our clients, so that moving forward you and your therapist, 


EMDR is a therapeutic modality that uses bilateral (or dual) stimulation, similar to the eye movements during REM sleep. Deveoped by happenstance, it uses both sides of the brain, as well as is occuring in the present moment, which is an important tether for reprocessing an event, pattern, thought, behavior, feelings,


Internal Family Systems is a perspective that many people can relate to. Like EMDR, it is useful to reprocess traumas that we may not be fully aware of because we are SO triggered by things that can relate to them. In IFS, we only get to these exiled parts by moving through aspects of you that developed into strong, often young when they came to be, protectors. As we work together, identifying parts, we help develop your self energy (aka 8 C's) you begin to get to know your parts, how to work with them and how to update your system, which allows parts to do useful, roles they were meant to do.

Somatic Parts Work

The Safe & Sound protocol is used as a way to help develop a larger window or circle of tolerance. This is done through titrating filtered music, to strengthen a muscle in the ear that directly connects to the vagus nerve, which we understand to be the key to nervous system regulation, and something that we can use as options for our own self regulation. See more about the SSP and Polyvagal Theory (PVT).

Safe & Sound Protocol

Individual Services

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